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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Upgrade Question
> I think you are comparing SO 5.2 with OO.o 1.1. The important thing to
> realise is that this software is not static its constantly improving and
> if you like 1.1 just wait until 2.0 hits the net and then 3.0 then 4.0.

Your quite right :-) Although I did understand that the core code was

However a WP, is a WP is a WP, there are only so many things that you want
it to do (unless you want to integrate other functions, e.g proper DTP etc.)
So what do you change? Tighter/faster code, fiddle with the interface (lots
of scope for likes/dislikes here) or add yet another wizard :-)

The killer, that will ensure the success of OO.o is it's ability to
SEAMLESSLY import and export documents from and to other apps. One of my
clients, a company of patent attorneys, will not use OO.o because they are
worried about compatibility when exchanging documents with clients, and yet
they use different versions of office & works with which they struggle to
exchange files within the office! :-) Doh! The irony is that most of their
WP could be handled by the simplest of WPs and translation wouldn't be a
problem for OO.o!

Yes, pressing companies to bundle OO.o would be a great leap forward,
unfortunately the big 'uns are tied in with MS, Dell et al. I'm going to
have a word (no pun intended) with my local supplier and offer him a copy.

Kind regards

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