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RE: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Microsoft and Exam Boards and the OFT
This year I sat AQA AS Computing. Module 2 (which incidentally was
one of the worst written exam papers ive seen - it even had a question
where they gave you an algorithm that didn't actually work!) had a
question about file systems and it basically said the following is typed
into a personal computer then asked questions about what each bit of
the file path etc meant and what type of file each one was (i.e. ASCII
and binary). It explained what the type command did but that was all:

C:\> type c:\myproject\source\source.pas
some pascal program

C:\> type c:\myproject\build\build.bld
some random symbols

Now isn't this technically disadvantaging non M$ users as they may not
have heard of C:\ and not have a clue what it means (I know it's
unlikely but isn't this still linking to M$ too much?

Alex Brett

On 4 Jul 2003 at 8:40, Richard Rothwell wrote:

> --- Terry Taylor <ttaylor@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Are you telling us, therefore, that the exam boards
> > are collaborating with
> > Microsoft to shut out the competition? Furthermore,
> > are you telling us that
> > they are all doing this together? That would be a
> > first!
> >
> There doesn't have to be collaboration - if the exam
> boards have written their exams, mark schemes or their
> syllabuses in such a way that either:
> * schools have to or feel they have to purchase MS
> software
> --------or---------
> * pupils of schools using non-MS products are
> penalised
> then this is clearly anti-competitive behaviour.
> Whether it is illegal or not depends on the view of
> the lawyers!
> Example....
> if a mark scheme in a GCSE paper only credits an MS
> function syntax is this anti-competitive?
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