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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Suse and Winbind
> How can they give an excellent service when not a single person in the
> company has any idea of how to solve any of our problems. Thier lack of
> knowledge is astounding (spelling?). I cant beleive that they have become
> a big company when their service is so poor. You cant even go on their web
> using anything but Internet Explorer!!!!!!!! They really need to get thei
> together! IT IS NOT EASIER. You do it the RM way or not at all. It is an

We've had some of this :-) And it's most frustrating when they eventually
result to remote access and you watch them do everything that you've already

If your not happy you must tell them to escalate the problem - some support
line staff will try to avoid this. Check what they've written in your notes
on the web, do they understand the problem? If you can't access it, tell
someone (my account has gone AWOL a few times). When you speak to them, they
appear to understand but write gibberish, which is then picked up by someone
else like Chinese Whispers! Update the notes yourself.

The theory is fine, 99% of calls will be from donkeys who have a glitch in
their BIOS when they think that they have a faulty OS! :-) (follow this
thread and see how efficient you think it was "Problem mounting floppy") so
a monkey at the other end of the phone using Help Desk is good enough. The
trick is for them to escalate the problem at just the right time. This goes
for all help lines paid or free - no one is an expert at everything, even
when reading from a script.

If I have internet related problems I always start my call "I think that
this is one for IFL (their ISP wing)" and I get straight through to someone
who knows what their talking about rather than having a ring-tailed lemma
(giving the benefit of the doubt now) trying to guess the answer.

As regards to the RM way or no way. Well you can see their point if you get
into their shoes. If you extend your system beyond their remit will you pay
extra to have their staff trained to answer your extra questions or do you
support it yourself? Who is responsible if it causes problems to the RM bit?
We supplied a squid proxy, they don't want to know, they supplied a Cisco
router and answer every question!

And just in case this is miss-understood - No I don't work for RM, I detest
them, I'm not sponsored by MS, I was very happy with the help I received
from the list and learnt a lot too and in this case it's our money, not the
governments! :-)


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