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Using older machines for the internet
Hi everyone,

Whilst I have played a little with Linux over the years, I wouldn't say I
was an expert by any means, and I have just joined this list.

I work for a school in London, and we have a pile of Pentium 200 machines,
with 32MB and 2Gb disks gathering dust in the corner.

Rather than bin them I am keen to put them to good use as internet terminals
(probably fat client)

We are going to be running a RM Connect 3 network, that is Win2k/XP as our
main network. The users would have to be authenticated by the Win2k domain,
but other than that I cant foresee any restrictions.

Would these machines be able to cope with this? They would only need to run
a web browser, and possibly email. So nothing fancy. Just Log In > Browse
internet > Log off

I also have the use of a 300MHz server 256MB 10Gb.

I figured I could use the server as a samba server, which will allow me to
authenticate to the Win2k domain I think, with the clients running a
stripped down GUI with a browser.

Any ideas on the best GUI/browser combination to use?

Anyone tried something like this? I'd like to hear from you!

And any other ideas/advice/input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all,


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