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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] WINE is all we need...
On Tuesday 01 October 2002 16:57, you wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 October 2002 2:10 pm, Grainge, Derek wrote:
> > Nor need 'open' imply web based: why not gcc +
> > Crygwin?
> Non web based is harder to sell because usually the developer would have to
> produce binaries for all platforms, and you'll never convince a Windows
> developer that gcc cygwin is the future :)
> Cheers

I think getting too far into the development issues is putting the cart
before the horse. My original proposal was to direct Government funded
initiatives into Open Source. I have had some success but it would be a lot
more powerful if we got together. I imagine a group of 100 of the government
specialist schools proposing a project and seeking part funding would have
some chance of success. One small business or one school in isolation will
have zero chance. CLCs and EiC are Government flagships so they have
potential power, particularly collectively and its not difficult to sell
innovative hi-tec to the DfES if you get the right sort of backing. While a
database of users would be handy, it could also be counter productive if it
seems to suggest there are not many at an early stage. The time to publicise
your database of users is when you have several hundred.

Once you get a decent number of developers and some finance, the exact method
of getting apps across will depend on the app and the circumstances. Some
will be web based, some will be bribing people to port, others will be X
windows based etc. So I still think we need to get a focussed group with some
agreed objectives. I have been to two Linux meetings and neither came to
anything because no clear objectives were arrived at, no particular credible
strategy and no follow up.



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