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Re: [suse-schools-usa] We need a list charter [ was: Re: Whoa ]
  • From: michael stone <agentsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 21:10:31 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <Pine.BSF.4.33.0204121607370.10116-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, Lance Lane wrote:

> 1. Educators around the World.
> 2. Educational Developers (Interested of Course in developing applications)
> 3. Implementation of Linux in the classroom.
> 4. Practical Application of Linux in the Classroom (Activities)
> 5. No Tech support for Linux or SuSe.
> 6. Educational Desktop Developers (KDE, Ximian, Gnome)
> Need Feedback on more specifics and covering the Bases!

I think some technical support (or at least ideas about technical
implementations) should be allowed, as long as it is specific or common
to an academic environment.

I was recently thrust (okay, somewhat willingly) into putting together a
25 machine high performance computing lab and workstation cluster. I have
used linux for a few years, but have very little experience in the
administration of groups of systems. I think most of the questions I will
have will be pretty specific to problems running in a university type
environment, as opposed to managing systems in a business. For example,
here are some things I am working on now, that others at universities or
public schools may have dealt with or are dealing with also:

1) How do I easily create 25 identical systems (i.e. write a bootable cd
that automatically partitions disks, loads the exact software I want off
of NFS, and prompts me for machine name, IP, etc...) and, how do I keep
of these machines exactly the same?

2) Has anyone set up OpenLDAP to use instead of NIS so it can interface
with the X.500 databases that many universities run?

3) Setting up systems (yes, windows and mac, too) so that students get
their same home directory no matter what machine in the building they log
onto, and how to keep this secure.

4) Clustering / Batching

5) How to keep the Linux systems attractive (read: **sexy**) to the
students, so they will use it over the windows lab.

I have some ideas on most of this stuff, but I don't really have anyone
here to bounce them off of. I would like to be able to use this list for

Thanks! And I'm glad to see this list isn't dead! I think it is a great
idea. The more students we get using linux now, the less people we have
to ween from microsoft in the future.

Michael Stone
Mechanical Engineering
High Performance Computing / Linux Administration

University of Texas at Austin
ETC 3.130 ph: 471.5951

Michael Stone
Linux Administration

University of Texas at Austin - Mechanical Engineering
ETC 3.130 ph: 471.5951

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