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Re: [opensuse-doc] "Report Bug" link not a lot of fun

On 02.08.2017 08:29, Felix Miata wrote:
(On mentioning this on [opensuse-web] it was suggested to discuss here as
possible alternative to simply filing a bug.)
that's probably a good idea.
Oh yeah, grey on light grey is a great choice :-/ (at least it becomes
slightly more readable if you hover it)

Why must copy the awful legibility of most of the rest of the
Internet by using tiny gray text and tinier still gray links, or green links
that don't pass any WCAG color contrast test? Why shouldn't it be better, both
respectful of user settings, and highly legible?
My opinion is that the link should not be too visually obtrusive. It's a
"report bug" link and not an essential part of the documentation itself.
It becomes more visible when the mouse hovers over a headline or the
link itself. Until now I thought that it's existence is obvious enough,
because it repeats a lot. But if someone actually missed the link due to
it's low visibility we should IMHO modify the colors.


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