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Re: [opensuse-doc] Wiki - Portal:Documentation - some articles
On Wed, 4 Sep 2013 14:01:06 +0200
Thomas Schraitle <toms@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Jan,

there are some (bad) links to (obsolete) articles on the I'm preparing Czech
version of the portal,

Great! :)

but I'm in doubt what have to be kept and what not.

I don't see all the topics on the page that you've mentioned.

- Migration to a new openSUSE version (latest 11.3)

This needs to be updated, otherwise remove it from the list.

Although we have more then one article of that kind.
If I don't forget, I'll try to find some replacement, or merge both in
one by the end of the week.

- Siga (what? latest 11.3)

Siga is "System Information GAthering":

It collects various system information and outputs it in HTML or
ASCII format. Since it needs root permissions, you will be asked for
the root password. It is very handy as an information source during
installation support phone calls.

I guess, most of them still works, but better test it.

I removed link from documentation portal page.
If it still works, better placement would be bug reporting pages.
In essence it is like "hwinfo", just much older.

- Lessons for Lizards

This is obsolete.

Removed from portal.

- Linux in a Nutshell

Not sure about this.

It is a good book, for few of people that still read books :)

Regards, Rajko.
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