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Re: [opensuse-doc] Some questions about CJK fonts
Hello, Stefan,

I'll try to answer from a Japanese viewpoint.

On Fri, 14 Jun 2013 15:07:18 +0200
Stefan Knorr <sknorr@xxxxxxx> wrote:

#1 I saw that e.g. Microsoft uses different default fonts for
Chinese/simplified, Chinese/traditional, Japanese & Korean text.
I don't quite understand this, as there are many fonts which seem
to cover the whole spectrum of CJK characters (like WenQuanYi Micro
Hei [1], which I am currently using). Why? Are there common
characters (i.e. Chinese traditonal characters) that are written
differently between countries?
(Or, in other words, is it appropriate to confront Japanese,
Korean or RoC users with fonts designed for mainland China?)

These are two common considerations.

One, is a problem of a culture and history.

Chinese and Japanese uses many Kanji characters for expressing
sentences, but the meaning of each characters are sometimes different.
Unicode defines these some characters as the same codepoint (although
these characters should be dealed as the different).

In addition to that, Simplified Chinese (commonly used in mainland
China) uses simplified style of Kanji characters; Japanese and
Traditional Chinese (commonly used in Taiwan) does not use (and often
cannot be read). But these have the same codepoint (for the same

Another one is a problem is a appearance.

Chinese and Japanese prefer different gryphs. When Chinese (Japanese)
fonts are used in Japanese (Chinese) text, its texts are hard to read in
Japanese (Chinese) users.

So that, the different fonts should be used in Chinese and Japanese.
(Korean uses Hangul characters (not Kanji) mostly, this problem will not
be occur.)


Yasuhiko Kamata
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