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Re: [opensuse-doc] PDF build error
Hi Guillaume,

(should go to the mailinglist too)

sorry for the delay.

On Tuesday 22 November 2011 Guillaume Gardet wrote:
I tried to build HTML doc (no problem) and PDF doc but I get a bunch of
errors with PDF build. Full error log can be found here:

I used those commands to build:
daps --envfile=ENV-opensuse-all dist-html
daps --envfile=ENV-opensuse-all color-pdf

That's correct, but you can also build separate guides. This is probably a bit
more convenient and faster to build. :)

Any idea how to solve the problem?

Here is the beginning of the error log, it seems daps cannot find some

It's not daps, it's FOP. Just to be sure: do you have the correct FOP version
installed? I have:

$ rpm -q xmlgraphics-fop

Furthermore, daps should come with some dependencies on font packages. It
probably doesn't hurt to check if you have the freefont and dejavu packages

$ rpm -q freefont dejavu


***** CSSEngine: exception....
Nov 22, 2011 10:05:01 AM
processEvent SEVERE: SVG error:
The attribute "font-family" represents an invalid CSS value
("FreeSans,DejaVuSans,suse.sans"). Original message:
Unexpected token: 7 (see LexicalUnits).

Just to give you some background information:
Well, the attribute font-family can hold several alternative font names
separated by comma. A FO formatter can be configured in such a way that it
goes through a list of fonts to find a certain glyph. If the glyph is not
available, the formatter will try the second font in the list and so on.
As fonts usually do not have all glyphs, you can add "fallback alternatives"
to make the selection a bit more reliable.

In former times, FOP couldn't parse that nor was it able to create such
correct fallback alternatives. The above error indicates that. However, I'm
not sure if this is still the case, I think it should be fixed now.

For the time being, you could try the following (untested):

1. Open /usr/share/daps/xslt/common/l10n/fr.xml and find the key
"". You should see something like this:
<l:gentext key=""

2. Choose only one (FreeSans or DejaVuSans) and save it.

3. Clean up your working directory and rebuild your book.

Of course, the changes will be overwritten by the next version.

I expect to work on the stylesheets next week again to fix some problems. Will
probably release some daps updates, too.

Thomas Schraitle

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