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Re: [opensuse-doc] Good News: new VirtualBox setup article for openSUSE project (LfL)
  • From: Thomas Schraitle <thomas.schraitle@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 08:27:14 +0100
  • Message-id: <200702130827.14585.thomas.schraitle@xxxxxxx>
Hi Alexey,

On Dienstag, 13. Februar 2007, Alexey Eremenko wrote:
> I have decided that this is good time for a new article to come
> into SUSE documentation (Lessons for Lizards), that aims to
> integrate better between the two products and communities.

That's great!

> This article introduces VirtualBox to SUSErs (SUSE users) and
> explains step-by-step how-to install this product on openSUSE, how
> to run and troubleshoot and where to get help.
> VirtualBox is a full x86 virtualizer, like VMware, to me it's
> revolutionary, because it's the world's first user-friendly
> open-source solution in this class.
> I believe that people, who use VMware or VirtualPC should try this.

Yes, it's very promising. I tried it over the weekend, but had only
two problems: My DVD drive wasn't recognised so I had to create an
ISO image to boot. The second issue had something to do with
fullscreen. After I switched to fullscreen mode I couldn't go back.
That was strange, but maybe it was my fault.

> [...]
> Hope it will help people getting started.
> What do you think of it?

Great lesson! I thought of an article about VirtualBox too, but you
was faster than me. :)

I have only some suggestions for you, mainly technical stuff. Hope you
find it useful:

1. I would replace the content of the two screen elements with an
itemizedlist element. It seems to me this has nothing to do with
computer generated input or output, isn't it? :)

2. A minor issue: What do you think about putting your terminology
into a variablelist?

3. Mark up in section Procedure, step 2 the text ~/vm with

4. Also a minor issue: I would recommend to mark up menu items with
menuchoice like this (see section Procedure, step 3):
<guimenu>Security and Users</guimenu>
<guimenu>Group Management</guimenu>

5. More important: If you have a warning for your readers, use the
element warning. The stylesheets render this with or without nice
little graphics, depending on the setup (see section Procedure, step

<title>Be Careful With Your Setup</title><!-- Optional title -->
<para>This step is critical, one mistake and VirtualBox
will not work !</para>

6. If you have a solution to the fullscreen problem above, maybe you
can add it to your "Troubleshooting and Tips" section. :)

7. Someone created RPM packages[1] of VirtualBox. What do you think of
inserting this information into your article too?

Thanks Alexey! If something is unclear from my list, don't hesitate to
ask again.

I hope Frank or I can synchronise the new book today, available on the
usual URL[2].



Thomas Schraitle

SUSE LINUX GmbH >o) Documentation Specialist
Maxfeldstrasse 5 /\\
90409 Nuernberg _\_v
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