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Re: [opensuse-contrib] Re: [obs submit-request 11649] multimedia:audio/qtractor: created by mseben
  • From: Michal Seben <mseben@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 13:01:04 +0200
  • Message-id: <4A323570.1090407@xxxxxxx>
Rui Nuno Capela wrote:
Takashi Iwai wrote:

At Thu, 11 Jun 2009 16:17:36 +0200,
Michal Seben wrote:

Takashi Iwai wrote:

Michal Seben wrote:

Rui Nuno Capela wrote:

qtractor is a jack application and it just makes implicit use of the
jackd auto-start feature ie. it tries to start jackd if it's not up and
running atm.

however, afaict, if pulseaudio is taking over the soundcard device,
jackd won't have a chance to start and qtractor or anyother jack
application for that matter will complain ie. won't work either.

all that to say that there's nothing blocking qtractor (or any other
jack application) to be included in any distro, opensuse included (which
is my distro of choice btw)--until now, and ever since released from its
stealth-mode project status, qtractor has been provided by the great
packman repository, with just minutes delay after my own public releases
which i do also provide my own opensuse rpms (opensuse 11.1 based but
fully featured ntl:)


hello Rui

I create wiki, which could help with pulseaudio issues with qtractor on
suse see, I know that current issues
with jackd are not caused by qtractor
I only wan't to know if we could move qtractor from project home:rncbc
to project contrib, see
I know, it's already in packman, but not every user use it , and I think
all greats app's should be in factory or contrib and not spread all over
the different repositories
If you are unsure, I could move qtractor to contrib and also I coud be
maintainer of this package in contrib

Well, if you can be the maintainer, why not in FACTORY from the



ok, no problem, I could add qtractor to Factory and I could maintain it,
but could be added to Factory package which doesn't work in some cases ?
(I mean when you after default installation start app which use
pulseaudio + start qtractor one of them didn't work)

There are tons of packages that require special setups :)

One could argue whether the desktop file should be provided as is,
though. If any, we could add a pre-run check whether jack is running
or so. But, IMO, as long as it causes a critical error silently but
just pops up an error dialog or so, this is no big problem...

i have a suggestion: what if the qtractor.desktop file issues command as
`pasuspender qtractor` ?

that should apply also, by all means, to qjackctl.desktop or any other
pure jack application already in factory (eg. jamin, jack-rack, jackEQ,


looks ok for me, I also added qtractor to Factory and I will update
desktop file as you sugested


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