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Re: [opensuse-conference] FSFE booth
On 08/27/2011 03:48 PM, Izabel Valverde wrote:
2011/8/27 Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 2011-08-27 09:26:20 (-0300), Izabel Valverde <valverde.izabel@xxxxxxxxx>
Hey it's a great news since he told me few days ago that coulnd't join
us... FSFe it's a big deal isn't?

He did?

Well I talked to him a week ago, and didn't contacted him since
then as I first needed an OK from the conf team.

Could we at least agree or disagree in principle in having them
at osc ? Then I could contact him and ask whether he can come or

They just need space for their stand (I'd say at least 6m x 4m),
that's all, they come with their stand and stuff.

I'm rather in favour, especially since it's the FSFE and not FSF
US, and all they need is some space. But that can be an issue in
itself, of course :)

+1 / -1 ?

-o) Pascal Bleser
/\\ -- we haz green
_\_v -- we haz conf

Definitely +1



+1 here too. Will be cool to have him at Osc.


Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl

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