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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] AlpineLinux and OBS
Hi Adrian,

The one plus side is it is rather similar to arch. It uses an APKBUILD file
which basically is very much like an arch PKGBUILD. It has an abuild tool
which is like makepkg, packages are essentially tar files named .apk, and
abuild directly builds to/will update a destination archive which, like arch,
is an archive file of apk pkgs and index file, with directories split by
architecture. It also has a flat gpg key store for signing keys in a separate
directory with each key in a separate file. I suspect it would mostly require
reworking existing arch support in slight and subtle ways. If you have worked
with arch packaging, Alpine feels and operates really very similar. I think
the natural starting point is for me is to look at the existing Arch support as
well as that howto.

One key reason why someone might choose Alpine vs Arch is system size. Alpine
uses musl rather than glibc and busybox provides core tools. This leads to
very small boot images as well as tiny container images. Another unique aspect
of Alpine is it can be used in a pure ramdisk boot installation that can be
rewritten to disk on demand, which is nice for sd cards where you don’t wear
level during operation, or flash boot. Finally, static builds are easily
supported in Alpine, too, so I sometimes use it to generate c++ pure static
binaries to run on foreign bistro targets, using ansible to install them on
Debian or openSUSE cloud servers. So it has unique niches that are rather
useful and different than most other distros. I am finding it rather
complimentary to what I do with openSUSE.

On Jan 2, 2020, at 3:11 AM, Adrian Schröter <adrian@xxxxxxx> wrote:

On Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2019, 15:01:54 CET David Sugar wrote:
This is just to raise the question to simply initiate a discussion, why not
have AlpineLinux on OBS too?

On the positive side, it should be relatively easy to adapt since it is
really rather similar to Arch, which is already supported on OBS, but

On the other hand, unlike Arch, it also has 6 month releases that are
supported for 2 years. I do appreciate those would accumulate over time.
It also has a lot more architectures supported. So I do appreciate that it
could also become a maintenance time sink in OBS.

Also, I have no sense of the real size of the AlpineLinux using community,
and I suspect most use it from the docker and container perspective, which
is a valid and potential community that could benefit from OBS. In my
particular case, I do use Alpine very broadly, and specifically for headless
arm/IoT devices.--

IIRC it uses it's own package format, right?

You could add the support following this HOWTO:


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