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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] multibuild flavor vs package
Neal Gompa schrieb:
On Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 4:59 AM Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nussel@xxxxxxx> wrote:
After looking at a more elaborate spec file I'm quite sure that using
multibuild would be superior to complex macro magic. Much easier to
handle and understand for packagers.

There are major downsides too: using multibuild means
that local development of such packages is functionally impossible.

You mean because of that nasty @BUILD_FLAVOR@ substitution? I really
hope that we can find a sane alternative, like the one I suggest
earlier in this thread.

You are also saying it's okay to occupy more builders at a time (which
is probably not actually okay to do at scale). You also lose the

OBS is all about parallelization. That's a feature that needs to be
leveraged as much as possible :-)

guarantee that the binary artifacts are always in sync, since a
failure for one flavor doesn't stop another. That is a subtle kind of
breakage that's hard to perceive and fix.

May happen but is a pretty standard problem to have. In fact we have
that all the time with different architectures for example. And in
the end mingw32 and mingw64 are nothing else than architectures.
Just weirdly packaged as there's no general concept of handling
cross arch packages.
So no nothing special here. Doesn't sound like a big deal to me.

Duplication in the spec is something that is solvable (cf. SUSE-style
single-spec for Python and Ruby). But losing understandability and
coherence is something I'd rather not see us do.

Like I said, at the expense of more macro magic. I wouldn't consider
myself a total novice in rpm macros but what python is doing there
is close to witchcraft. That works in a situation where most
packages are standard situations, using the same build system etc.
Mingw packages are just like any other package in the distro. Ie
has to deal with all build systems anyone ever invented means all
the quirks and hacks needed to deal with them. On top of that cross
compilation hacks.


(o_ Ludwig Nussel
SUSE Software Solutions Germany GmbH, GF: Felix Imendörffer
HRB 36809 (AG Nürnberg)
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