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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Building 32 bit package in x86_64 on the OBS

On Monday 2019-12-02 13:52, Neal Gompa wrote:

So you don't support name.arch package requests in OBS?

Two reasons:

1. There is one bs_sched instance for each %_isa (design decision done many
moons ago, possibly to have at least some little multiprocessing). In this
"enclave" so to speak, there are generally only packages for said %_isa.

mkbaselibs is used inside the i586 space to repackage (part of) i586 rpms with
i586 code into a x86_64 rpm, which are then copied to the x86_64 space with an
explicit ExportFilter.

Attention is paid towards there being no conflicting files whatsoever, which is
otherwise not the case when you install both libfoo1.i586 and libfoo1.x86_64
(e.g. a LICENSE file).

2. I suppose many parts of bs_sched and obs-build evaluate just %{NAME}
(without %{ARCH}), and there simply is no rpm file that has

Nor using the name%{?_isa} requests to pull multiarch deps? Why not?

There are never any "non-home" ISAs available as install candidates,
so our specfiles never needed to bother with that case. Certainly
saves clutter in that particular place (might generate it elsewhere, tho).
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