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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Repository publishing broken on b.o.o ?
So in my case I didn't disable builds, but now it seems things are working
again! :-)

Not sure if it got fixed on its own (slow publishing queue again, maybe?) or
Michael/Adrian (CC) did something.

On lunes, 29 de julio de 2019 10:48:23 (CEST) Fritz Elfert wrote:
On 29.07.19 09:37, Julio Gonzalez wrote:


1. Disable builds
2. osc wipebinaries --all
3. (Important) wait, until the file disappears from all mirrors. Can take
quite long. 4. Enable builds again

I am currently in the waiting phase.

But are you sure this works? I am specially worried this will work one
time, and then when a package changes, the same procedure is needed.

No, I am not shure. I got this from an old post on
opensuse-buildservice@xxxxxxxxxxxx. We will see. I will report back, if
this solved my problem or not. As of right now, *none* of the mirrors
has picked up any change, not even in the repodata subdir.


Julio González Gil
Release Engineer, SUSE Manager and Uyuni
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