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[opensuse-buildservice] osc build does not create a re-usable pacakge cache
I have been using OBS and osc for some time at a basic user level. I
build projects locally using osc before committing to OBS. All works
fine for Leap 15.0 and 15.1, Fedora 29 & 30 and Debian_9.0.

I have just started building for Debian_10, all I did was
osc build --ccache Debian_10
and whilst the projects build successfully with osc, each time I build
I get the message:- 100.0% cache miss. 0/180 dependencies cached. and
all packages are downloaded again. On inspection in the Debian_10
package cache directory the filenames are odd, they all have b'
prepended and inserted. For example:- b'adduser'_b'3.118'_b'all'.deb As
opposed to the same package in the Debian_9.0 directory of:-

I have now experimented by deleting the working Debian_9.0 package
cache and re-building the project and the same thing happens, project
builds OK but all the package names are now corrupted.

The package cache directory has correct ownership.

osc --version is 0.165.1

Distribution is Leap 15.1

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Grant
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