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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: No web frontend after update
Am 23.07.19 um 10:10 schrieb Mathias Radtke:
On 22.07.19 16:37, Henne Vogelsang wrote:

On 22.07.19 15:34, Mathias Radtke wrote:

Webui::MainController action=index status=500
error='NoMethodError: undefined method `in_beta?' for

You did not run the database migrations.

Are you following README.UPDATERS?

I reverted a snapshot and redid the migration to 15.1 and updated OBS to
2.10 along with the database migration.
However I still cannot access the new instance via the web frontend.

F, [2019-07-23T08:03:35.825180 #7191] FATAL -- :
[ea878f06-8f7a-4192-b1c3-e6a822df67b2] [7191:756.36] Errno::ECONNREFUSED
(Failed to open TCP connection to localhost:5352 (Connection refused -
connect(2) for "localhost" port 5352)):

port 5352 is bs_srcserver, ist it running?

systemctl status obssrcserver.service

Did you follow README.UPDATERS this time? There's more in it than just the
database migration ;-)

W, [2019-07-23T08:08:17.547770 #7191]  WARN -- InfluxDB: [7191:490.98]
Failed to contact host localhost: #<Errno::ECONNREFUSED: Failed to open
TCP connection to localhost:8086 (Connection refused - connect(2) for
"localhost" port 8086)> - retrying in 30s.

This is harmless, OBS works for me without influxdb.

Stefan Seyfried

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over
public relations, for nature cannot be fooled." -- Richard Feynman
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