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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] KDE:Frameworks5 versus KDE:Unstable:Frameworks5
Am 2018-09-17 10:11, schrieb Mathias Homann:

could we PLEASE have all the beta versions ONLY in K:U:F, and leave
K:F in an actual usable state for the people who actually use the OBS
repos to have an unsable system?

From what it looks like to me right now the latest plasma beta is
actually maintained in K:F and just copied over to K:U:F...

thank you for your consideration.


Or, alternatively, have a KDE:;Stable:* structure again, AND make sure that the content in there only gets updated/rebuilt for new releases or important bugfixes?

Right now we have TWO KDE:Ü* structures but BOTH contain in fact the same (right now) unstable vresions.


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