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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] zombie packages or how to *really* clean up?

On 19/04/18 14:29, Detlef Steuer wrote:

I'm experimenting with mass producing R packages for opensuse
using some scripts.

Therefore I set up a test project home:dsteuer:CRANtest .

Experiments work ok so far, but if I have to start from scratch
for a package there are problems I don't understand.

A current package with problems is "abe" in OBS it is called "R-abe".

It worked *once* to put it into the OBS. Then I wanted to test
my script and tried to delete it from OBS.

I did:

osc delete R-abe

checked in the webinterface and it was gone there.

I now can't (how I expected)

osc co R-abe

any longer without an error:

steuer@gaia:~/OBS/home:dsteuer:CRANtest> osc co R-abe
Server returned an error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
Error getting meta for project 'home%3Adsteuer%3ACRANtest' package

When I try

steuer@gaia:~/OBS/home:dsteuer:CRANtest> osc rdelete R-abe

I get

steuer@gaia:~/OBS/home:dsteuer:CRANtest> osc rdelete R-abe
Waiting for Emacs...
Server returned an error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

So the package is somehow gone, but somehow still there.

As probably expected it is possible to do

osc mkpac R-abe

(the directory is created and empty)

but copying files there and than

osc addremove
osc ci

results in

steuer@gaia:~/OBS/home:dsteuer:CRANtest/R-abe> osc ci
Deleting R-abe
Server returned an error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

Why that Deleting line?
My questions now:

How to clean up the test project? (I can start over, but there must be
a proper way.) There is a handful of packages with that problem.

What is the correct dance of commands to reliably remove a package
from a project such that it can be recreated later.


I think this is
I suspect it is the result of deleting a package with publishing disabled.
To delete them you have to "osc meta pkg -e [pkgname]" and edit a comment.

Dave P
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