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[opensuse-buildservice] Problems with Xen workers

in my private OBS instance (running 2.8.2), I'm seeing strange build issues on
my OBS worker running with Xen. The other
worker running with KVM does not show the problem.
Most of the time it is testsuites failing.

Example of a jemalloc build:

[ 55s] === test/unit/pages ===
[ 55s] test_pages_huge:test/unit/pages.c:13: Failed assertion:
(jet_pages_huge(pages, ((size_t)(1U << 12)))) ==
(false) --> true != false: Unexpected pages_huge() result
[ 55s] test_pages_huge:test/unit/pages.c:15: Failed assertion:
(jet_pages_nohuge(pages, ((size_t)(1U << 12)))) ==
(false) --> true != false: Unexpected pages_nohuge() result
[ 55s] test_pages_huge: fail
[ 55s] --- pass: 0/1, skip: 0/1, fail: 1/1 ---

The same test passes if the build is on the KVM worker.

Another issue was the test case of the obs-server package failing to connect to
localhost:5000 (?) with something like
"address family not supported". Sorry, I did not copy the message back then
before I changed the _constraints to force
the build onto the KVM host.
Both failing builds are for SLES12-SP2, in the obs-server case I'd personally
suspect kernel-obs-build being broken for
Xen (missing a module), but for the jemalloc case I'm a bit stumped.

Is openSUSE still using Xen workers at all? (if not, I'd just switch my xen
worker to KVM and be done with it. I'm not
really interested in encountering errors nobody else is seeing because no one
is using that code ;-)

Best regards,
Stefan Seyfried

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over
public relations, for nature cannot be fooled." -- Richard Feynman
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