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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS scheduler features

Sorry for the long silence.

I continued Pavel's work. At first he faced a problem of names and solved it. I made optimization on the basis of his patch.

1. Currently, web-interface does not show cycles for obs packets with different names OBS and rpm.
For example, 3 obs-packets: obs packages names are obs-package1, obs-package2, obs-package3, and rpm names are package1, package2, package3 (described in the spec - Name: package1). The cycle - package1 have build requires package2, package2 have build requires package3, package3 have build requires package1.

Need to separate entities obs-package and rpm-name. Thus, we need
obs-package -> rpm-name -> rpm-packages(many rpm files, from one spec file).

The 'notready' hash must contain obs package names. And we always can get all data: rpm-name->obs-package and back.

This patch fix a problem.

I tested also with linked obs-package. And did not see any problems.

> You might also have a problem in your code,
> OBS packages can build the same source (this is common when more
> than one version of a package is built). So your %name2pkgid hash
> must map to an array, not scalar. Setting up a dep2pkgid hash might
> be easier, though.
Can you describe in more detail?

2. The code in changes the sequence of processing.
The code in adds a checking for non-cyclic packages - block the build of package, if all cyclic packages are not ready. This is more effective.

Best regards,
Oleg Ogurtsov.

Samsung R&D Institute Russia,
e-mail: o.ogurtsov@xxxxxxxxxxx
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