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Re: Worker code does not initialize correctly for older targets, was: Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Packages scheduled
On Montag, 19. Juni 2017 11:00:29 CEST Mathias Radtke wrote:
On 19.06.2017 10:51, Frank Schreiner wrote:
On Montag, 19. Juni 2017 10:34:15 CEST Mathias Radtke wrote:
On 19.06.2017 10:30, Frank Schreiner wrote:
obs_admin --list-badhosts
obs_admin --drop-badhosts

I dont have these commands on my OBS 2.8.1 system

If i trigger a rebuild of an failed or succeeded package, it builds.
Seems it doesnt want to buiild one specific package.

After uninstalling rng-tools the hashsums seem to match at least

from dispatcher.log
age -b9bbf281ed748f21e4249a2ec4c1a755

# curl
:op si40-experimental&package=opsi-linux-bootimage" <projpack

<project name="home:uibmz:opsi:opsi40-experimental">

<title>remote experimental repo</title>
<package name="opsi-linux-bootimage" rev="9"

verifymd5="f58ce6478db93749199604c958a7c9b8" revtime="1497859904">


package="opsi-linux-bootimage" />




But still no builds

obs_admin --deep-check-project x86_64

and check /srv/obs/log/scheduler_x86_64.log

It did fetch some stuff, but the builds are still scheduled :(

Even without those bs_admin commands you could check your dispatcher state with

touch /srv/obs/run/bs_dispatch.dumpstate

perl -I/usr/lib/obs/server -mBSUtil -mData::Dumper -e 'print


touch /srv/obs/run/bs_dispatch.dropbadhosts

to drop the current badhost list

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