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Re: Worker code does not initialize correctly for older targets, was: Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Packages scheduled
Shutting down obsworkerName "Build::Kiwi::urlmapper" used only once:
possible typo at ./bs_worker line 2574.

This is only a perl warning and has IMO nothing to do with your problem.

You could login on the one of the badhost workers. A screen session should be
running there (because of an bug, there might be multiple screen session, find
the active one, "ps faux" might be helpful). Attach to the screen -
"screen -x ..." for more debugging info (use <CRTL>-a-n to switch between
workers and <CTRL>-a-d to detach from screen again).

the complete "badhost event:" from the dispatcher log might be useful too.

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