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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] New Git workslow error for 42.1 target "nothing provides obs-service-tar"

thanks for the explanation. I had just found a few minute before the
trick but without understanding the why.
If would be good to add the hint in the documentation as it is far from
less obvious :-)


Le 22/03/2017 à 20:55, Marcus Hüwe a écrit :
On 2017-03-22 19:12:35 +0100, Dominig ar Foll (Intel Open Source) wrote:
My sandbox is here:

While my package build for 42.1 target, I cannot build for a 42.1
target. The error is the same from a 42.1 or 42.2 host.
Building for 42.2 should work.

<repository name="openSUSE_Leap_42.1">
<path project="openSUSE:Leap:42.1" repository="standard"/>
<path project="openSUSE:Leap:42.1:Update" repository="standard"/>
<path project="openSUSE:Tools" repository="openSUSE_42.1"/>
You need to remove the first path entry, because "obs-service-tar" is
only provided by the obs-service-tar_scm package that is shipped
via the openSUSE:Leap:42.1:Update project. However, the openSUSE:Leap:42.1
project also ships a obs-service-tar_scm package (without the
"Provides: obs-service-tar"). Since the <path /> element for
openSUSE:Leap:42.1 precedes the <path /> element for
openSUSE:Leap:42.1:Update, the package with the "correct" provides entry
is not considered.
Long story short: something like this should fix it:

<repository name="openSUSE_Leap_42.1">
<path project="openSUSE:Leap:42.1:Update" repository="standard"/>


Dominig ar Foll
Senior Software Architect
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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