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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] ancient SM 2.40

Am 02.12.2016 um 09:21 schrieb Felix Miata:
Wolfgang Rosenauer composed on 2016-12-02 08:43 (UTC+0100):

Felix Miata composed:
What I was hoping for is SeaMonkey >2.40 built with GTK2, but there's no SM
among any mozilla:/ repos that I could find, and nothing to be found using either. :-(

Seamonkey - according to their webpage - have no version higher than 2.40.
Actually some weeks ago I prepared a newer version based on a VCS tag which I
also have built against Gtk2. This is currently lingering in mozilla instead


VCS _tag_? Lingering??? Aren't such things part of why mozilla:/alpha/* and
mozilla:/beta/* exist?

So first you ignored my first statement that beta/alpha/experimental is
currently not in scope of what I'm doing.
The newer version was prepared because it has an official VCS tag and there was
a good chance that it'll be released. That's how I prepare every stable build
when I see one coming.

not published because I haven't seen an official release yet.

Myriad changes in the construction process caused by FF changes have
the SM team's resource pool for nearly a year:

Not news to me. Just said there is no official newer release on their page.

That said, there are public unofficial 2.46 and 2.47 builds available, but
are built with GTK3:

We no not ship Gtk2 builds for Firefox yet in Leap for example. I still plan to
provide Gtk2 Seamonkey builds if it is possible and _there is a release_.

Probably if I'm in the mood I could move the already prepared SM build to the
beta repo. But usually demanding requests do not help to achieve that.

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