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[opensuse-buildservice] Let's OBS Understand Recommends to Resolve "have choice for".
  • From: MyungJoo Ham <myungjoo.ham@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2016 01:53:00 +0000
  • Message-id: <1593306037.780473.1479347580754.JavaMail.weblogic@ep1ml104d>


When there are multiple packages available for a specific "Requires:" entity
during OBS build,
even if it is directed to a single package with "Recommends:", OBS says
"have choice for" error and stops building.

(From Reference 1)


Package A
A requires A-compat
A recommends A-x
A-x provides A-compat
A-y provides A-compat

Package B
B buildrequires A

Result of building B

"unresolvable" because "have choice for A-compat needed by A: A-x A-y

Expected Result:

Building B incurs installing A-x and A unless it explicitly BuildRuquires on A-y

We are already experiencing this issue at and I do not
want to force release engineers to put "Prefer" for every case in the
OBS project config. So I'd rather update perl-BSSolv and obs-build.
(Reference 2)

Those troubling packages (A-x, A-y, ...) are usually binaries behaving
with the common interfaces. (e.g., one for optimized-size, another for
optimized-energy, ...)
Users may choose one of them at install-time (or at binary-image configuration).

Could you please tell me how can I make the commits resolving the mentioned
more probable to contribute? or give me some comments on them?
( )


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