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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS:Server:2.{4,5,6} and their packages ...
Am 23.03.2016 um 10:32 schrieb Adrian Schröter:
rubygem-rack-ssl is only offered via OBS:Server:2.4. Neither via
OBS:Server:2.5 nor OBS:Server:2.6
This is the case for SLE_10_SP3. I can not speak for other Dists.

You want to run an OBS based on SLE_10 ?
No ... I meant SLES_11, of course

But IMHO 'rubygem-rack-ssl' should be offered by OBS:Server:2.6, too if
needed and not only by OBS:Server:2.4.
Hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Well, it is there:

osc ls OBS:Server:2.6 rubygem-rack-ssl -bxUbuntu_12.04/i586
sure but it is ruby2.1-rubygem-rack-ssl-1.4.1-50.9.x86_64.rpm

I tried to update all packages coming fom OBS:Server:2.4 und
OBS:Server:2.5 ... but e.g. yast dind't see a newer one for
rubygem-rack-ssl in prj OBS:Server:2.6 ...

so when I want to have all needed packages installed from OBS:Server:2.6
I need to switch to ruby 2.1 ?

so why didn't get rubygem-rack-ssl upgraded automatically while
upgrading obs 2.4 to 2.5 and later to 2.6 ?
seem that something went wrong with dependencies, don't you think so ?

Is it possible to seup a new obs instance with just 2.6 repo ? I think I
would miss some things, perhaps the obs-service-* packages ...

yes, should work. You could even try :Unstable since we are near a 2.7 beta

Thanks for info ... but I prefer to use stable ... for testing ... ok.

BTW is it possible to enable Build in OBS:Server:2.6 for Leap and
SLES_11_SP4 ? Thank you :)

no, both are broken for 2.6 code stream. But 2.7 is near :)

thank you :)


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