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[opensuse-buildservice] Build hitting disk space limit on b.o.o?
Hi admins,

I have a specific package (a JDK8 backport) which requires a lot of disk
space. The statistics below show a successful build, but that build has
disabled the docs subpackage:

I know about _constraints features, however the docs at
also notes, that constraints not matching *any* build hosts result in a
build job staying in scheduled state forever.

If I set the required disk space to anything > 10G, it *appears* that my
job falls into that category - but obviously I can't be shure.
If I set it to 10G, the build starts, but runs out of disk space, *if* I
enable the docs-subpackage.

=> So could any of you confirm that *no* build host on b.o.s fits that
constraint (or was I simply too impatient)?

It would be nice do have the upper limits for the various resources
noted somewhere.

I also noticed, that a build running out of disk-space apparently counts
as "soft"-error, resulting in an automatic re-scheduling which in turn
leads to an (endless?) build loop. So probably the re-scheduling is not
the ideal action to take, especially if a _constraint file exists which
specifies a large disk space already.


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