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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Set maximum number of processors in _constraints?
Dne So 21. listopadu 2015 09:09:31, Tomáš Chvátal napsal(a):
Dne So 21. listopadu 2015 09:00:41, Nathan Cutler napsal(a):
I see that I can set the minimum number of processors in _constraints,
but I don't see how I could set the _maximum_ number of processors. Is
this even possible?

Background: the problem with Ceph builds running out of memory is due
to {%_smp_mflags} expanding to -j16 on many of the OBS build workers
(thanks to Tim Serong for debugging this).

How about constraining properly for enough memory?


Meh I forgot to check the ctrl+v worked:

So this is how I had to do it for arm on libreoffice:

# do not eat all memory
echo "Available memory:"
echo "System limits:"
ulimit -a
if test -n "$lo_jobs" -a "$lo_jobs" -gt 1 ; then
max_mem=`LANG=C free -t -m | sed -n "s|^Mem: *\([0-9]*\).*$|\1|p"`
max_jobs="$(($max_mem / $mem_per_process))"
test "$lo_jobs" -gt "$max_jobs" && lo_jobs="$max_jobs" &&
lo_jobs_reduced="yes" && echo "Warning: Reducing number of jobs to $max_jobs
because of memory limits"
test "$lo_jobs" -le 0 && lo_jobs=1 && echo "Warning: Do not use the
parallel build at all becuse of memory limits"
# finally set jobs
if test -n "$lo_jobs" ; then

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