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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Create Add-On product with OBS: Setup and repos?
Am 22.10.2015 um 19:18 schrieb 686f6c6d:
On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 4:02 PM, Till Dörges <doerges@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
--- snip (osc commit ... (version with --debug below)) ---
user@box:~/tmp/home:tdoerges/TestB> osc commit -m "Initial commit"
Server returned an error: HTTP Error 401: basic auth failed
--- snap ---

I'd greatly appreciate any help in resolving either issue
- auth problem with

I'm seeing this every few months. I don't know the reason (I have a
suspicion it has to do with "gnome_keyring=1" in my config), but my
quickfix ist to:
- rm ~/.osc_cookiejar (admittedly, I haven't tested if this step is
actually needed).
- comment the "[]"; section in your ~/.oscrc
- run a command like "osc -A ls" to recreate
the section (you will need to reenter your credentials)
- afterwards, re-add any options besides "user" and "passx" you had
(like "keyring=1", "email" etc.)

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this doesn't do the trick. I've also tried
removing both .osc_cookiejar and .oscrc in order to start from scratch. Doesn't

I'm currently working around this using the "Add file" button in the web UI ...

Regards -- Till
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