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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Question about a bit of logic in bs_publish
On Thursday 11 June 2015, 10:53:53 wrote Andrew Davidoff:

From bs_publish:

my $starttime = time();
if ($publish_lasttime{$prp} && $publish_duration{$prp} > 300 &&
$publish_lasttime{$prp} + 5 * $publish_duration{$prp} > $starttime)
print "$prp: not yet\n";
$publish_retry{$event} = $starttime + 60 * 5;

If I am reading this correctly, it means that If the last publish for
this project/repo ($prp) took over 5 minutes, and 5 times that
duration from the end of the last publish is in the future, wait 5
minutes before doing the pending publish.

If I'm not just reading this incorrectly, what was the reasoning behind this?

that one project, let's say openSUSE:Factory, which may take 1 hour to publish
due to dog-slow createrepo tool can block all other repos easily alone.
(this is not the case in build.o.o, because we do not publish the standard repo
directly, only via products).

So, this is supposed to give more fairness between the projects.


Adrian Schroeter
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