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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Popular branches, moving them to "official" repos

On June 8, 2015 5:28:36 AM EDT, Stanislav Baiduzhyi <baiduzhyi.devel@xxxxxxxxx>
I wonder if anyone tried to run some analytics about the most popular
on OBS. I'm running into following situation pretty often:

1. Search for opera 29 or mc with enabled fish.
2. Install from the most reponsible source (the latest up-to-date
version and
properly modified description).
3. Wait for 1-2 month, when you'll have new machine or HDD or VM to
openSUSE again.
4. Check the repo from point 2 - often repo or package does not exist
more. Goto step 1.

So if there was some kind of analytics over the branches, maybe the
popular of them could be moved to official repositories, not ones
hosted under
'home:/'. That probably will free some OBS resources as well, and
the need of "if you want something done - do it yourself".

If the package is in factory my preference is to install for 13.2, etc from the
development project.

Ie. Every package in factory has a development project where the package is
maintained in a fairly stable way.

To find that project via the webui, first find the factory version at

Note that in the upper right corner it says where the devel project is. If you
click on that you end up in the opensuse official development version of the
package. There is a mc 13.2 build available there.


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