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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: tar_scm and package-meta
Thanks to my colleague Tim Serong, we now know that the missing -f is
in the recompress service - line 112: rm -r $DIFF_TMPDIR

I opened a pull request:


On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 2:54 PM, Nathan Cutler <presnypreklad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
O, OBS gurus:

We have a software project in OBS that is using the tar_scm service to
generate the tarball from a git repo. Upstream is setting the version
number at build time by peeking into the .git directory, so we need to
somehow include this directory in the tarball.

We tried adding "<param name="package-meta">yes</param>" to the
tar_scm XML, and happily I can confirm that this does cause the .git
directory to be included in the .tar file.

However, after tar_scm completes a glitch occurs:

$ osc service dr

Cloning into '/tmp/tmpuckA4K/tmpAPx9Ds/ceph'...
warning: unable to rmdir src/gmock: Directory not empty
HEAD is now at 5ce51ae use same systemd service files for all cluster names.
Cleaning: /tmp/tmpuckA4K/tmpAPx9Ds /tmp/tmpuckA4K/ceph-20150511
Compressed ceph-20150511.tar to ceph-20150511.tar.xz
rm: remove write-protected regular file

It appears that *something* (not tar_scm) is calling rm -r without -f . . .

Any ideas?

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