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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] When to post to opensuse-buildservice vs opensuse-packaging?
On Sonntag, 26. April 2015, 11:24:51 wrote PGNd:
I recently posted questions re: usage of OSC/OBS, in the context of my own

[opensuse-packaging] 'osc build' fails @ RPM error: "file not found".
spec file's BuildRoot:/%{buildroot} ignored, files instead installed under
'build-root' from ~/.oscrc.,

[opensuse-packaging] How to configure osc subproject to use GCC v5 from
devel:gcc by default, for all packages?

I waffled as to where to post them. The list descriptions

opensuse-packaging English Packaging RPM packages for the openSUSE

for packaging issues itself.

opensuse-buildservice English Discussion about the Open Build Service

When you have questions regarding OBS. Either the build.o.o instance or in

, the lists' members, and the topics discussed all appear to overlap somewhat.

I'm not clear about the delineation between the two. I'd rather not double-,
or incorrectly, post.

Best to ask, once:

What list should those posts, specifically, have been posted to?

basically, when your problem also exists when calling rpmbuild manually, you
should go
to packaging. If it is OBS specific come here.


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