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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS source_service usage with upstream git sources -- syntax for .spec file's dynamic Source:/Version:/Release: values?
Found this as a best example so far

informs this 1st attempt

edit _service
<service name="tar_scm" mode="disabled">
<param name="scm">git</param>
<param name="exclude">.git</param>
<param name="versionformat">1-git.%h</param>
<param name="revision">remotes/origin/master</param>
<service name="recompress" mode="disabled">
<param name="file">*.tar</param>
<param name="compression">gz</param>
<service name="set_version" mode="disabled">
<param name="basename">pgnd-cryptodev</param>

on service exec returns,

osc service dr
Cloning into '/tmp/tmp5RQuOB/tmpz2895f/cryptodev-linux'...
ERROR(1): ''
HEAD is now at da73010 tests/Makefile: fix arg passing to CC in
implicit rule
Cleaning: /tmp/tmp5RQuOB/tmpz2895f
Compressed cryptodev-linux-1git.da73010.tar to
No version found or defined at /usr/lib/obs/service/set_version
line 196.
Aborting: service call failed:
/usr/lib/obs/service/set_version --basename pgnd-cryptodev --outdir

Some data's clearly passed, but not all.
The package name format is wrong. How to config the above in keeping with the
package naming conventions is not clear.
No version is apparently passed &/or used.

Looking for a bit more.
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