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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: osc bl downloads wrong log file
On Wednesday 15 April 2015, Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Mittwoch, 15. April 2015, 12:12:32 wrote Ruediger Meier:
On Wednesday 15 April 2015, Andreas Schwab wrote:
Ruediger Meier <sweet_f_a@xxxxxx> writes:
This gives me a logfile from yesterday:
$ cd rudi_m:ul-all/ul-plain
$ osc bl openSUSE_13.1_ports ppc

But it was rebuilt today a few times already.

This is by design.

I see, but this is very confusing when you just want to watch the
log to see whether the expected BuildRequires were installed or
whether the tests were running or whatever.

Yesterday I have updated certain "BuildRequires" and there is no
way to check whether the right version was actually used for build.

use "osc buildinfo .... | grep $your_package" to find out which one
gets used.

Hm, this is the buildinfo which would be used for the next build. I
still can't proove that my package has already survived a build with
this config.

$ osc rblt home:rudi_m:ul-all/ul-plain openSUSE_13.1_ports ppc |
tail -10

Retried build at Tue Apr 14 18:09:24 2015 returned same result,

I would say the last log should be kept rather than the first one.
Then the only confusing thing would be that the package is older
than the log.

no, the log file which belongs to the build rpms must be kept IMHO

This depends on the point of view. For me as developer the last one is
the wanted one in 99% of all cases.

Actually I find that ALL logs should be kept. OBS is wasting so many
time to rebuild packages ... and then we even throw away all these nice
logs. It's a pity. For me it would have much value to have full
buildlog history.

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