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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] 32-bit Libraries as BuildRequires on 64-bit build??
On Montag, 13. April 2015, 10:27:12 wrote Martin Juhl:

Sorry for not specifying distro.. This is on RHEL6...

I'm trying to repackage a tar.gz installer into a rpm-file...

In this installer, some of the installers internal java is 32-bit and some
are 64-bit... (IBM-stuff)...

So I need the 32-bit libraries to be able to run the installer...

It seems like:

BuildRequires: libgcc(x86-32), libstdc++(x86-32)

Should be the correct way to do this, and is also accepted if I do a 32-bit
build.. but not if I try to do a 64-bit build...

OBS is not supporting multiple version of rpms with same rpm name inside of a
build environment. So this is not gonna to work.

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Emne: Re: [opensuse-buildservice] 32-bit Libraries as BuildRequires on 64-bit

On Montag, 13. April 2015, 09:49:22 wrote Martin Juhl:

How do I include some (libstdc++.i686 and libgcc.i686) as BuildRequires...

I have tried to add them as

BuildRequires: libgcc.i686, libstdc++.i686
BuildRequires: libgcc()(32bit), libstdc++()(32bit)
BuildRequires: /lib/, /lib/

But all of the above, fails to resolve dependencies...

What to do??

This depends heavily on the distribution, do you ask for (open)SUSE distros?


should pull it in here. However, usually we do only build in 32bit
environements and export it to 64bit afterwards using our baselibs

Can you describe a bit more detailed why do you want to use 32bit libs
in 64bit at all? Usually you can not compile against them there...


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