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[opensuse-buildservice] Oldest (instead of newest) RPM chosen from update repository

I've got a private OBS instance running with both the openSUSE 13.1 and a
corresponding Update repository configured.

OBS version is 2.6. All services/daemons are running on a single server with
13.1 (x86_64).

The repositories are local. The 13.1 repo has been copied to the OBS server. The
13.1-Update repo has been configured as download on demand according to

It now seems that OBS uses the *oldest* RPM which it can find in the update
repository, instead of the latest.

My update repo has the following packages for glibc available:

--- snip ---
.../update/13.1 # find . -iname glibc-2\*
--- snap ---

The distribution repo contains only this:

--- snip ---
.../distribution> find . -iname glibc-2\*
--- snap ---

If I commit a package with the following BuildRequires it works (i.e. RPMs are
with both the 13.1 and the 13.1-Update repos (expected):

BuildRequires: glibc >= 2.18-4.4

The following does not work with the 13.1 repo but with the 13.1-Update repo

BuildRequires: glibc >= 2.18-4.7

If the spec file contains

BuildRequires: glibc >= 2.18-4.28


BuildRequires: glibc >= 2.18-4.11

it does work with *neither* repo. But if I understand matters correctly it
work for the 13.1-Update repo.

Is this a configuration problem? Or perhaps something else?

If more information is needed, I'm happy to provide it.

Regards -- Till
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