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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Qactus, a Qt-based OBS notifier app
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On 03.03.2015 08:07, Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Dienstag, 3. März 2015, 00:14:14 wrote Javier Llorente:
El 02/03/15 a las 09:04, Adrian Schröter escribió:
On Freitag, 27. Februar 2015, 23:52:22 wrote Javier Llorente:
Hello everyone!

I have just released the first version of Qactus, a Qt-based
OBS notifier application. Besides the build status viewer,
it features an autocompleter for adding builds to the list
easily and a submit request viewer as well.

More details are available at

Very cool :)

Do you need better support in our API somewhere? Maybe to
listen more comfortable any changes?

Right now what comes up to my mind is the following:

- having the possibility of downloading all the SRs and
afterwads, when the user clicks on Qactus' refresh button, just
downloading the new ones and not the whole collection again.

hm, so you want some api call extension to say for example show
only requests > number X?

Should be easy to do ...

xpath already offers that. It doesn't really fit in the
view=collection API IMO.

So my recommendation would be to load a view=collection and after that
do the polling through xpath and filter in the client.

Greetings, Stephan

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