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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] The details for scheduling option "rebuild" in meta configuration
On Freitag, 27. Februar 2015, 15:57:11 wrote Ji Xiang:
On Friday, February 27, 2015 07:17:24 AM Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015, 15:05:27 wrote plinnell:

Some comments inline, but I will say the automatic rebuilds triggered
in OBS are definitely a feature and not a defect :)
Peter, Many thanks for your help.
Your conclusion for rebuild is really clean, it assumed me the dependency
rebuild is needed:)

For the performance related issue, I think we can turn to another perspective
to evaluate it.
OBS is handy and easy to use for open source distribution, however for a
commercial product, it may still be slower.

OBS or the transitive build mode? I mean, you are aware that you can switch
just to build the packages with changed sources, right?
(if not, see my link to the book chapter :)


Adrian, many thanks for your suggestion.
Due to it is a commercial product. I think our exception is make our daily
release as rapid as possible, so I am thinking over to disable the dependency
rebuild for daily release. Small risk from it is acceptable.
But I am not sure if this kind of 'risk' is small enough to be accept.

I use the single OBS project hierarchy which contain 7 project to hold about
700 packages, more than 300 package are set to as project base, those will
to be rebuild anymore.
According to you suggestion, seems it is not a good way for commercial

It depends of course a lot what you want to do with it after release. If no
maintenance updates are planed, there is no problem. If you need to do anyway
a full testing of everything neither. But the reallity for us is that changes
must be kept as small as possible to avoid sideeffects. But this is maybe
just true for SUSE.

Another option is to switch between the modes, for example keep rebuild="local"
for the daily snapshots, but have some milestones in between with clean

In any case, I would check for build dependency cycles. If you have such
cycles it increases the build time a lot. Some packagee splitting might help
a alot here to avoid them. Or some Ignore: statements in prjconf.


Adrian Schroeter
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