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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] build-compare forces republish for new commit and new rpm
On Wed, Nov 12, Olaf Hering wrote:

I wonder why its important to republish a package which just had a new
commit. If the resulting binary package is identical there is no need to
republish, just because the rpm %RELEASE string happens to differ.

I tried to address this. AFAIK only kernel and kmp packages encode all
or parts of %release in directory entries. The new code could handle
kernel-* packages, but this part is disabled for several reasons:
- kernel signing does not handle build-compare well, only the first
stage runs build-compare. But its only needed in the second stage,
which does not run it at all.
- signing encodes a timestamp into vmlinuz, which would invalidate the
new package anyway
- the %release may be required by other packages, I have not checked
which places would care.

It will likely work for kmp packages, they have their own %release
independent from any kernel-* package.

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