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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] What is the next step, for creating installation packages, on public openSUSE build service

On July 14, 2014 9:01:08 AM EDT, Ioannis Vranos <ioannis.vranos@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi all,

I am new to public openSUSE build service.

I have written a program, called Broadband Download Testing Tool -, using Qt SDK, and I want
to create installation packages for various Linux distributions.

Currently, I am creating Debian packages, using a free in price
program, that I found on the web (Debcreator).

So far, I created a "package", on public openSUSE build service:

and I uploaded all the source code files there.

I am getting the error message "broken", in the build results of all
targeted Linux distributions.

I would like to know, what i have to do next, to correct the issue.

Thank you,

Ioannis Vranos

For your first effort I would suggest you build a rpm. It is more common in
OBS and there is almost an unlimited supply of examples.

The first thing is you should be uploading the source tarball to OBS, not the
expanded sources. The build tools (both rpm and deb based) will expand the
tarball as part of the setup process.

Look at some other packages and see how they do it.

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