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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] About permission denined /usr/lib and /usr/include
On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 02:18:25PM +0200, Lars Nielsen wrote:
if [ ! -d %{buildroot}"/usr/local/lib/secret/"%{name}"_"%{version} ] && [ !
-d %{buildroot}"/usr/local/include/secret/"%{name}"_"%{version} ]; then
mkdir %{buildroot}/usr/local/lib/secret/%{name}_%{version}
mkdir %{buildroot}/usr/local/include/secret/%{name}_%{version}
echo %{name} " version: " %{version} "has been installed in the secret

echo This version of ninja is already installed

and later in install when I try to move my files there
can anyone give me at least an idea on how to fix this ?

The BuildRoot is the directory used by rpmbuild to collect all
built files when creating new rpms. This means you're supposed to
copy the built files from the current directory into the buildroot
in the %install section of the specfile (normally done by calling
'make install' with DESTDIR set to the buildroot).

As an example, a File called 'foo' in the BuildRoot will end up
as /foo in the created rpms.

This also means that the BuildRoot is always empty in the %setup
section, so your code can't work.


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