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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] [OBS]OBS could not adding build targets in SUSE 11 SP3
On 2014-06-04 04:14:50 +0000, Chenliang (L) wrote:
I have built OBS 2.5.2 in the SUSE 11 SP3 system, and I use the Admin
login successful, but there are several problems in the use of OBS.
Could someone can help me?

I according to the step by
step, an error occurred when I run "3) Add build config file ".
Error info is:
suse-chen:/usr/lib/build/configs # osc -A https://localhost meta
SUSE:SLE-11:SP3 -F /usr/lib/build/configs/sles11sp2.conf
Unknown meta type. Choose one of prjconf, attribute, prj, user,
pattern, pkg.

Question 1:
There is no sles11sp3.conf in the path of "/usr/lib/build/configs", the
latest is sles11sp2.conf of SLES.
Is it not supports sles11sp3?

You could grab a recent sles11sp3 config from the public obs instance
osc api

Question 2:
How could I can solve the "osc -A" failed?

The "prjconf" subcommand is missing: "osc ... meta prjconf SUSE...".

Question 3:
In the step "1) Create the build target project." of , I use
web create successful,
But failed with cmd.
Error info is:
suse-chen:/srv/obs/build # osc meta -e prj chentest
Failed to reach a server:
[Errno 111] Connection refused:

In the "1) Create the build target project." it is written:
You should also have the following directory structure under
I create project with web, but these is no project named dir in the path
"/srv/obs/build", so I use "mkdir" to create it.

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