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[opensuse-buildservice] Determining what's needed

I want to make a package, actually I made it already : openocd 0.8.0, it's actually RC-1.

By chance I saw the output of the configure. The result of that is not what I expected and not what I get on my own PC. On my PC configure activates a number of interfaces :
OpenOCD configuration summary
MPSSE mode of FTDI based devices yes (auto)
ST-Link JTAG Programmer yes (auto)
TI ICDI JTAG Programmer yes (auto)
Keil ULINK JTAG Programmer yes (auto)
Altera USB-Blaster II Compatible yes (auto)
Segger J-Link JTAG Programmer yes (auto)
OSBDM (JTAG only) Programmer yes (auto)
eStick/opendous JTAG Programmer yes (auto)
Andes JTAG Programmer yes (auto)
Versaloon-Link JTAG Programmer yes (auto)
USBProg JTAG Programmer yes (auto)
Raisonance RLink JTAG Programmer yes (auto)
Olimex ARM-JTAG-EW Programmer yes (auto)
CMSIS-DAP Compliant Debugger no

OBS does not activate any interface :
[ 42s] OpenOCD configuration summary
[ 42s] --------------------------------------------------
[ 42s] MPSSE mode of FTDI based devices no
[ 42s] ST-Link JTAG Programmer no
[ 42s] TI ICDI JTAG Programmer no
[ 42s] Keil ULINK JTAG Programmer no
[ 42s] Altera USB-Blaster II Compatible no
[ 42s] Segger J-Link JTAG Programmer no
[ 42s] OSBDM (JTAG only) Programmer no
[ 42s] eStick/opendous JTAG Programmer no
[ 42s] Andes JTAG Programmer no
[ 42s] Versaloon-Link JTAG Programmer no
[ 42s] USBProg JTAG Programmer no
[ 42s] Raisonance RLink JTAG Programmer no
[ 42s] Olimex ARM-JTAG-EW Programmer no
[ 42s] CMSIS-DAP Compliant Debugger no
[ 42s]

So I'm wondering why. Any idea's ?
Without activated interfaces, the package is worth nothing. How do I "revoke" it ?

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