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[opensuse-buildservice] Open Build Service blog, 2013-42
  • From: Nathan Cutler <presnypreklad@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 16:51:44 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
Open Build Service blog, 2013-42

Here is a summary of activity on the opensuse-buildservice
mailing list during week 42:

* Ladislav Slezak announced his successful Hack Week project designed
to speed up appliance builds in the Build Service by reducing the
number of packages that are downloaded.

* Fadi Kelajian asked about upgrading an existing OBS Server instance
from 2.3 to 2.4 -- he would like to upgrade without losing existing
data (projects, packages). Adrian advised him to read
and, of course, take a backup first.

* Ruediger Meier expressed displeasure over multiple requests like to
remove "deleted" repositories from projects. These requests got
auto-accepted even before he returned from vacation.
- Jan Engelhardt noted that certain types of requests are not
delivered via email:
- Coolo responded that it's time to implement that email
notification mechanism.
- Adrian explained that, in this case, a "deleted" repository is one
that got moved somewhere else. Such a configuration will never
build until the path list of the "deleted" repository is fixed.

* Andreas Baumann asked a question regarding a project failing to link
to the Fedora_17 build target, to which Kanstantsin Shautsou noted
that, since Fedora 17 is EOL, the problem will probably never get

* Darin Perusich complained about a problem where, after doing a local
build, he couldn't open a new Konsole window. He traced this to a
permissions issue, where running "obs build openSUSE_12.3" caused
the mount options of devpts to change. Marcus Meissner replied that,
last week, he released a new build package that fixes the
permissions for 12.2 and 12.3.

* Boris Manojlovic complained that the OBS web UI is sluggish on
slower links. He posted a Firebug analysis on:
As ways to address the problem, he suggested: JavaScript
"minification", CSS "minification", gzip/deflate encoding/content
type, and Etag support.

* Brian K. White expressed amazement that the 'xz' package "requires"
itself to build. This is not an explicit BuildRequires, but just the
fact that the build process assumes tar will handle a .tar.xz file.
- Ruediger Meier noted that there are precedents for this: for
example, gcc requires gcc, coreutils requires coreutils.
- Michal Vyskocil posted a link to his Request 203465 on openSUSE
Build Service:
(which has since been accepted)
- Adrian responded to Ruediger's comment by saying that
bootstrapping is unavoidable in 'gcc' case, but should be avoided
wherever possible.
- Michal Vyskocil also noted that upstream provides tarballs
compressed using other technologies than xz, like gzip and bzip2,
and his request addresses the issue.

* Guillermo Amat wrote about a bug that results in a "Failed to add
project or repository: unable to walk on path" error when he tries
to add an additional apth to his project's repository. Martin
Koegler replied that it's probably due to a JavaScript
implementation issue in some browsers, so perhaps switching to a
different browser is in order.

* Coolo posted an in-depth report about his Hack Week project, "Start
the engine", designed to fix an internal problem with the OBS web UI

* Andreas Herrmann posted a mini-HOWTO for setting up proxy_mode with
Apache Header Rewrite and .htaccess against LDAP

* Andreas Herrmann wrote about getting an error 500 when he tried to
list all projects in the web UI, after upgdating OBS 2.4
Stefan Botter responded with his analysis of a similar problem he
ran into after upgrading from 2.3 to 2.4:
Andreas replied that his update was within 2.4, so the issue might
bite everyone doing "zypper ref; zypper up"
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