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Re: Fwd: [opensuse-buildservice] I suspect that my chromium package build is going wrong
On Tuesday 01 October 2013 20:04:52 James Bond wrote:
I see chromium 31 there, chromium in debian repository is an older
version. chromedriver is tricky since it has requirements about the

In the past we have been tracking svn snapshots in a similar way as that you
tried to build Chromium in your repo. However I got the hint to start using
the official released tarballs in order to track a more stable version of
chromium. The target is to track the Beta-channel, but for I can do this the
Beta channel has to go to version 31 first.

If that is correct, then why do you build the full chromium build?

I have looked for hints here: . This is the
chromedriver package for ubuntu, yet chrome is specified as build
target in rules file. I am just trying to guide myself using reasons

Why don't you have a look at the chromium.spec file in network:chromium. This
spec-file will set-up the build itself and initializes chromium for the right
build. Once that setup is done, I am initiating three stages of building,

ninja -c out/Release chromium which builds the webbrowser
ninja -c out/Release chrome_sandbox which builds the suid-sandbox
ninja -c out/Release chromedriver which build the chromedriver.

So the only that you should do in your package is to unpack the tarball of the
debian package, setup the chromium builddir and then to issue the command to
build the chromedriver. This build should take about a 15 minutes and doesn't
require a lot of memory either.

Once it build, you have to move the binary chromedriver for the out/Release
directory to the place where you want it to be and that;s it.



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