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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] options.yml => configuration.xml
Am Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013, 11:19:50 schrieb Robert Schweikert:
On 06/25/2013 07:47 AM, Henne Vogelsang wrote:
Hey ho,

here is the list of OBS config variables and what we should do with it.


Some of the renaming is in my opinion not immediately obvious, for example

allow_user_to_create_home_project => homes

a more obvious name may be "create_home"

Then again I am probably missing some context and this might make
perfect sense in a different context.

Yes, I do not like the too simple ones either. My current local code looks
like this:

OPTIONS_YML = { :title => nil,
:description => nil,
:name => nil,
:anonymous => CONFIG['allow_anonymous'],
:registration => CONFIG['new_user_registration'],
:default_access_disabled =>
:allow_user_to_create_home_project =>
:disallow_group_creation_with_api =>
:change_password => CONFIG['change_passwd'],
:hide_private_options => CONFIG['hide_private_options'],
:gravatar => CONFIG['use_gravatar'],
:download_url => CONFIG['download_url'],
:ymp_url => CONFIG['ymp_url'],
:errbit_url => CONFIG['errbit_host'],
:bugzilla_url => CONFIG['bugzilla_host'],
:http_proxy => CONFIG['http_proxy'],
:theme => CONFIG['theme'],


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